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About Us

Maiya Solutions understands the need for employers to have access to much more than raw data in order to run a successful background screening program. As a provider of background verification services, Maiya Solutions specialises in helping companies of all sizes across India to efficiently implement utilise and refine their background verification process.

We work with a large number of organisations, spanning a variety of verticals across the global business environment. We provide a process driven simple and streamlined solutions that allow our clients to overcome even the most challenging background verification issues. Our pan India presence ensures our clients can create the perfect verification process for their needs.

Why Maiya

Hiring the right background verification service is not an easy choice to make, especially when every other company claims to be the best. Most importantly there is no need to simply trust the agency that deliberately offers the lowest price. Before hiring a background verification service, it is important the service has a good reputation, has access to cutting edge resources and has the manpower and technology to be able to verify candidates for every type of business.

Our Services

Regardless of whether the client is a sole proprietorship adding their first employee or rapidly expanding multinational corporations scaling across a variety of functional areas, product lines and geographies, Maiya Solutions provides the following checks:

  • Address verification
  • Education Verification
  • Employment Verification
  • Reference Verification
  • CIBIL Score and Report
  • CIBIL Company Credit
  • Criminal Database Checks
  • Criminal Verification (Police & Legal)
  • Drug Testing
  • Social Media Scan

our process

We understand just how important background verification is to the HR team. This is how Maiya Solutions undertakes the verification process:

  • Following the signing of a contract, the client coordinator will contact you to understand what the documentary and verification requirements are.
  • Once the client shares the case files documentation gaps are reported within 24 hours
  • Cases are then assigned to the various verification teams and field officers
  • Verification are conducted at all sources of information provided within Turn Around Time
  • Each report is reviewed by a Quality Assurance team member
  • Random audits are conducted to ensure accuracy
  • Reports are delivered to the client

Affiliations and Accreditations

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